Meet The Flour Power Support Team 

Susan Caldwell,

Founder & CEO

Susan, mom of two, began Flour Power in 2008. "I'm so excited about sharing my knowledge and power with new franchise owners who want to make a positive impact in their community with our innovative, hands on, exciting curriculum.  I look forward to meeting you Discovery Day!"

Sherri Ragazzo,

Business Manager

Sherri began as an Instructor with Flour Power in 2009, and worked her way up to Business Manager over many years. Sherri, mom of five, manages the day to to day operations at Flour Power, with duties ranging  from helping franchise owners to all the small details to make Flour Power successful.

Samantha Ruehl,

Graphic Designer & 

Admin Assistant

Sam joined Flour Power in 2017 and is mom of two.  Sam works on graphic design projects for Flour Power as well as helping with day to day operations.

Jordan Shaw,

Admin Assistant

Jordan joined the Flour Power team in 2011 as a Studio Manager.  She has worked off and on for Flour Power since that time!

Marty Welch,

Franchise Sales

Marty joined the Flour Power Team in October 2017 to handle Franchise Sales for Flour Power

Christie Franche,

Franchise Training and Support

Christie managed the Flour Power Charlotte Quail Corners Studio beginning in 2014.  Christie helps with training and new studio opening training new managers and owners.

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