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Studio Blog by Shannon Miller, Flour Power Nashville

January flew by me. It feels as if I am going 80 mph, 18 hours a day. My mind is seldom at rest.

My only sibling is in the throws of alcoholism, my daddy just had SUCCESSFUL open heart surgery, my mama has her own health issues, my daughter is perfection at 8 and a half, and I am the CRAZY glue trying to hold it all together.

It speaks volumes that I’m looking forward to “slowing down” for Flour Power summer camps! 😂

I just remembered I’m turning 48 tomorrow and, my gosh! What a season of life I’m in!! My discovery of Flour Power, 11 months ago, was the beginning. The first 4 weeks following moved at warped speed. I spoke with this person and that person and another person, then 2 people. I flew to North Carolina to see for myself the magic of Flour Power. I sat at a conference table with my father. It was like being at an American Idol audition. It was a YES from me but it needed to be a YES from them! And it was! Yippee!!

That’s when the hurry up and wait began. I never thought it would take a year to open my doors. The learning curve has been steep. I now know about amperage, raceways vs. channel letters, how to read architectural plans and so on. I now know construction crews, city planners and inspectors, landlords and contractors work at a slower pace than myself. You see, I got my work ethic from my Daddy. At age 72 the man can still accomplish more, by noon any day of the week, than a 30 year old can all day! He just gets things done! I’m proud, and exhausted, to say...ditto.

That is why, at the precise time in my life I am starting my own business, I said a BIG yes to something else. You see, six years ago, my cousin posted on FB asking for prayers for a baby battling cancer. Cannon was the same age as my Blue! It was like a sucker punch to my heart. I read about him and his family, I donated what I could, I prayed, and I followed the story. I checked my phone repeatedly on the days I knew he was having tests. I needed to know this child was ok. Along the way, I started following other children battling cancer. I cried as I read of the ones who didn’t make it. Oscar, Colter, Nolan. It was unimaginable.

I called Cannons mom. “If you ever want to do a fundraiser in Nashville, please allow me to help.”

We stayed in touch. Cannon is 8 now. NED! No evidence of disease. In remission. He’s one of the lucky ones. He wears hearing aids now, he won’t father his own children, he will only reach about 5’4”, he has a myriad of “secondary” issues. But he’s alive!

Last night, in Orlando, I finally met this brave, amazing, sweet boy. He has no idea of the impact he has had on my life. He had no idea why I was crying when I shook his tiny hand. He has no idea how much I love him.

A few months ago, his mum, a tiny Scottish fireball of energy, called me. She asked if I would be an Ambassador for her non profit organization, Cannonball for Kids cancer. I SAID YES! Thursday I flew to Orlando and spent 24 hours in a room full of people who have vowed to make a difference. Who ARE making a difference. I met Nolan’s family. I sat next to Colters dad. I met Marleys mom. It was life changing. I will never be the same.

My love for children is effortless. They deserve better. They deserve more.

I was asked to write this blog, for Flour Power. I cannot wait to open my studio and spend my days with children. I look forward to making a difference in their lives. I KNOW they will make a difference in mine. I feel, in my soul, I am on the precipice of great change. I am SO excited about my future and the future I am building for my Stella Blue.

Over 40 parents have already enrolled their children in Flour Power Nashville Summer Camps.

These parents have never heard of Flour Power. They’ve never walked into a Flour Power. They’ve never met me! But they have entrusted the most precious beings in their lives to my care. I do not take on that responsibility lightly. I am honoured and humbled and I look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you and I will see you soon!!

Shannon Mock Miller

Proud Mama

Proud Flour Power Franchise owner

Proud CKc Ambassador


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