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Homemade Ice Cream (Riann Potts, Flour Power Garner/Clayton, NC)

Hello local Garner, Clayton and surrounding area peeps!! My name is Riann. My family and I are beyond excited to be opening our new Flour Power studio in Garner at the end of this summer!! All Flour Powers are locally owned and operated and we are super proud to be a part of this amazing Franchise Family! My husband, Travis and I and our 2 amazing daughters, ages 12 and 4, could not be more excited about this new adventure in which we are about to embark! Susan, the Founder of Flour Power and I both grew up in the same hometown, (Zebulon, NC) lived in the same neighborhood and she used to babysit me!! I've followed her journey on Facebook over the years and watched her home-based business turn into an extremely successful Franchise and always secretly wanted to be a part of it but didn't actually reach out until about a year and a half ago. Things all just kind of fell into place and took off ...and now here we are, and we could not be happier!! We are in the midst of construction at the moment, so our studio is kind of bare, but our construction crew is there every day working away to get us up and running as soon as possible this summer! Our studio is right at 2,000 square feet and will have 2 large kitchens which we can accommodate 2 classes or camps/events/parties at any given time with plenty of room and space!

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and has been an extreme passion of mine since I was a young child. I remember spending the summers with my grandparents in Bath, NC on the river and waking up early with my granddad to go bring the fishing nets and crab pots in and helping clean and prepare it all then helping my grandmother in her garden. They would catch and grow all their own food then have big fish fries for their friends or church family on the weekends. There is something very special about bringing a group of loved ones together with good home-cooked food! Although I haven't mastered the art of gardening myself, I still carry on the tradition I learned from my grandparents at a young age; bringing people together by feeding them!

My family and I enjoy experimenting with different types of cooking. While my daughters enjoy baking the most, I prefer more savory dishes to cook. Right now, our favorite thing to do is try and make "copy cat" recipes at home from our favorite restaurant dishes. My daughters have been enjoying making homemade milkshakes and homemade ice cream this summer! With all the scary news articles you read about these days, with food recalls and people tampering with food, there is something very comforting about knowing you can prepare and cook the same foods for a fraction of the cost, in your very own home!

We cannot wait to meet you all and have you and your lovely families in our studio this Fall. The community support so far has been wonderful and truly humbling! Please continue to reach out and follow our website and "like" and "follow" our page on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on all the latest news and upcoming events and occasional drawings and free giveaways! Please visit our website: to see what fun events are coming. And as always, we can't wait to stir up a ton of fun with you all very soon!

Here is a Flour Power Homemade Ice Cream recipe your family is sure to enjoy this summer!

Homemade Old School Style Ice Cream

(individual servings)


1/2 cup half and half or milk

sandwich sized baggies

1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

gallon sized baggies


1/2 cup rock salt (Parents Only!! pour this in – do not handle will burn skin)



1. Pour half and half into one of your sandwich baggies. Add sugar and vanilla. Get all of the air out and then seal the bag. Place your filled bag into another sandwich baggie and seal.

2. Put your double bag inside of a gallon sized baggie and add your ice and rock salt. Place this bag inside another gallon sized bag.

3. Wrap up in towel and start shaking. Shake the bag for about 15-20 minutes (kids can take turns with this part!)

4. Once it comes to the consistency of soft ice cream, you may eat it.


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