Let's Get Started! 

What's The Process For Becoming Part of Flour Power & Learning More?

Follow These Steps and Complete the Initial Form at the End of This Page (Click HERE to jump there now!)

Step 1: You're already there!

Check out our website at www.FlourPowerStudios.com. Learn about Flour Power. See what we do. Understand our vision. Do you get excited thinking about being part of our Flour Power family? Do you stay awake at night wanting to be your own boss with a proven organization? If so, move on to Step 2!

Step 2: Complete the Franchise Information Questionnaire at the End of This Page!

Once that's received at our corporate office, a member of our Executive Team will review and we'll follow up with you within one week.

Step 3: Let's Chat!

We'll set up a phone call (or several phone calls) with you to talk more about the opportunity and answer questions you may have.  If we feel that it's a good potential opportunity for us to learn more, we'll send you our Franchise Application and set up a second call with the Founder of the company after we review your application and information.

Step 4: The Legal Stuff!

If we both agree that you would be a good fit for a Flour Power franchise, we'll email you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document defines the relationship between the Franchisor (that's us) and the Franchisee (that's you) and each other's responsibilities. After you review, we will discuss the document together on a conference call and run a background check.

Step 5: Let's  Visit!

We'll set up a Discovery Day in Raleigh, NC where you will visit existing studios, meet our Founder, Susan Caldwell and learn about the excitement of owning a Flour Power studio! You'll get to meet a few of our franchise owners and we'll address any remaining questions and talk about next steps.

Step 6: Welcome to Flour Power!

After all the paperwork has been addressed, we'll give you our Jump Start Manual & Stages and Phases Manual to give you a head start on things you can begin working on even before our formal training program begins. The Franchisor/Founder will come to your city to look at sites and we'll guide you through the "Stage and Phases" manual each week on schedule phone calls with our Business Manager.  As you approach opening, we will schedule you to come to Raleigh, NC for our hands on training program to get you started with "real world experience" before your new studio opens. We'll cover the franchise manual, you'll get hands on experience in a studio with children, you'll meet our staff, and learn from our Founder Susan Caldwell & her executive team who have worked with Flour Power for many years! After our initial training program, we offer ongoing training and support throughout your first year and beyond as a franchise owner.

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