Answers to Common Questions!


How much does a franchise cost?

While the cost depends on a large number of factors such as location, leases, buildout costs and incentives that we may receive to build a Flour Power, the general cost range is between $175,000 and $450,000 which includes some working capital, buildout costs, the Franchise Fee and other items needed to begin a Studio. 


Do you have lending partners?

We do, and we are listed on the SBA Registry List! We do have lenders that we have worked with that specialize in SBA Express Loans also. While we do have lending partners, you will need to have some money saved for a down payment, generally about $50,000.  The exact amount depends on a wide number of factors, but every lending partner will need to be sure you have saved some money to jump start your success.   Most lenders will not finance 100% of the funds that are needed.  We will discuss all the details with you on our initial call.


What characteristics make a successful franchise owner?

We like hard working individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit best!  We like individuals who understand that a system has been developed and they need to follow it in order to succeed.  Our best success stories are from Studio Owners who work in their studios full time and provide outstanding customer service to customers and lead their employees by example! 


What kind of training do you offer?

Training begins DAY ONE!  We have a proven "Stages and Phases" program that begins as soon as someone signs a franchise agreement!  We have broken down the on board launching process into stages.  In addition, we provide an initial 40 hour hands on training program in our corporate offices in Raleigh, NC and in the studios since we believe in hands on learning for our Franchise Owners.  All of this is followed by ongoing training and support, and weekly webinars with our Business Manager for months after opening.  The learning never ends!


What kind of support will I receive as a Franchise owner?

Great question! We are here to support you, to guide you, and to continue training you!  We often host webinars and owner meetings in Raleigh, NC to continue to talk about marketing, the latest trends in IT, and so much more! We believe in open communication with our Franchise Owners and seeing you be successful! 


Have you had any studio closures?