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Casting Call Callbacks

Greetings friends! We are sorry for the delay in getting back with everyone regarding our second round of interviews.  We had a # of things to work through that took much, much longer than we expected following the casting call and just as we were ready to press forward again, COVID brought everything to a standstill again last February.  However, at long last, we are ready to move forward with a TV Pilot that will be filmed in early 2021 as well as working on a new project with UNC-TV and PBS Kids.

We 100% realize you and/or your child may not be interested given the time that has passed and we very much understand that.  Again, we are so sorry for the delays that we have encountered.  We respect your time, your child's interest and ALL OF YOU!

If your child is still interested, please keep reading... 

Flour Power will be filming a tv pilot early 2021 with a professional production company from NYC.  We are also working with UNC-TV/PBS Kids to provide 25 "cooking at home" segments that will be shown on UNC-TV and many PBS Kids channels throughout the USA from February 2021 to June 2021.  These will be a collaborative effort with UNC-TV and the Department for Public Instruction and we are so very excited to be able to further help with the learning-at-home while being safe.  

For now, we are seeking children who are interested in participating in the "At Home Learning" segments and/or the TV Pilot.

If your child is still interested in being part of either program, please complete the form below NO LATER THAN 11/15/20.  We will follow up with you no later than 12/10/20 with additional information.  We will be asking the same judges from the first round to review the submissions.

Please read the instructions carefully on the form below. It is important that you follow the instructions and that you include the video link of your child that we are requesting to be considered.  If we do not receive a video link, we cannot consider your child at this time.  We are using the video as a way for us to communicate safely with you during COVID rather than in person.

Thank you again and we hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

Susan Caldwell

Susan Caldwell,

President and CEO

Flour Power Business Development Inc.