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Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios is a fast growing nationwide hands-on culinary entertainment and educational franchise. Founded by mom of two and special needs advocate, Susan Caldwell, the educational program takes children on exciting imaginative culinary adventures in a locally owned whimsical kitchen studio, built with lil chefs in mind!   Each program Flour Power offers consists of proven themed hands-on exciting curriculum, all designed to stir up a ton of fun while learning life-long skills.   From kitchen chemistry to food art to etiquette, we keep the excitement and creative learning sizzling in our studios every day with camps, classes, kids night out, special needs classes, private events, adult classes, birthday parties, field trips, off site enrichment classes, team building events, corporate events, family style events and more.  The creative fun never ends in our studios!


With kitchen studios decorated in whimsical features and bright colors, the Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios franchise opportunity features a business full of opportunities to make a positive impact in your community and in many children's lives.


Currently, we have locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee and Colorado!  Are you next?


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